The Schechter Day School Network takes an active role in promoting and advocating for exemplary standards, Jewish values and behaviors that exemplify self-respect and respect for others. The Network’s primary objectives are to:

  • promote excellence in learning and teaching in all aspects of the day school program, including Judaic and General Studies;
  • co-brand with Schechter schools to deliver a powerful, unified message about Jewish day school education;
  • advocate for the important of learning Hebrew as a modern, spoken language and as a means for accessing the sacred texts of the Jewish people as well as contemporary literature;
  • encourage its member schools to attain high standards in General Studies and to be current in their use of technology to enhance and advance learning and teaching;
  • serve as a voice for instilling in children the values of good citizenship in their society;
  • encourage member schools to nurture in their students an identity with k’lal Yisrael – the Jewish people – past and present, local and throughout the world;
  • encourage member schools to develop in their students a commitment to Israel as the historical and spiritual home of the Jewish people and a personal connection to the State of Israel;
  • assist member schools in integrating formal and experiential programs, including family educational experiences;
  • advocate for cooperative and collaborative efforts among institutions and programs that are connected through their affiliation with Conservative Judaism;
  • represent the interests of the Schechter Network to partner with foundations, educational associations, professional schools and accrediting agencies to support and advance the effectiveness of Solomon Schechter Day Schools;
  • instill a love of Jewish life and traditions through experiences that include the arts, tefillah, and service learning;
  • provide multiple opportunities that enhance:
    • an awareness of the vision and the mission of Solomon Schechter Day Schools;
    • the knowledge, skills and awareness of lay leaders and professionals in matters of governance and educational leadership;
    • the opportunities for member schools, their lay leaders and their professionals to share with each other and incorporate best practices in all operational areas.

The Schechter Day School Network links the Solomon Schechter Day Schools to a number of national educational organizations, such as the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE), Jewish Educational Services of North America (JESNA), the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), BoardSource, Independent School Management (ISM), and the Council for American Private Education (CAPE).