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MaToK is a joint project of

The Schechter Day School Network of the
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Dr. Jon Mitzmacher, Executive Director (as of 7/1/14)
Gayla Greenberg, MaToK Project Director


William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education
of the Jewish Theological Seminary
Dr. Zachary Lasker, Director of Melton & Davidson Edu. Projects
Gayla Greenberg, MaToK Project Director, 

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    June 2014   Iyyar/Sivan 5774

    Dear Friend,

    We are delighted to send you the fifteen year report of MaToK – the Bible curriculum for Jewish day schools.  MaToK is a joint project of the Schechter Day School Network, housed at the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the William Davidson Graduate School of Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary.  Since its launching more than fifteen years ago, MaToK has made a significant contribution to the way that students engage with Torah learning, developing their reading and comprehension skills and learning to make personal meaning through open-ended questioning with an attitude of reverence for the sacred text.

    The Executive summary provides a guide to the full report, explaining the inception of this innovative curriculum project and some exciting new directions that enhance student learning and amplify teacher resources in keeping with technological developments that are integral to twenty-first century education.

    We look forward to your feedback and encourage you to send comments to MaToK’s director, Galya Greenberg at  The pdf of the report is available online at Please share it with others in your organization or school.  We are always interested in generating interest from the field, and extending the reach of MaToK in Jewish day schools across North America.







    Galya Greenberg             Dr. Elaine Shizgal Cohen

    MaTok Director             Senior Education Consultant, USCJ






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    Online vocabulary learning for your students!

    New & Improved Dah Bear Now Available:

    A message from Marci Karoll, Program Officer, Legacy Heritage Fund:

    Legacy Heritage Fund is proud to announce the launch of the next phase of development for Dah Bear, a free online tool which assists students in mastering Hebrew vocabulary. Dah Bear contains over 1,200 word lists and is being used in the classrooms of more than 225 teachers in nearly 150 schools. Positive feedback from this dynamic new tool has been overwhelming; students and teachers alike have told us how much fun classroom and homework learning has become!

    What does teaching Torah have to do with 21st Century Education?

    Find out by watching this video.

    These are some of the skills that our students need to succeed in the 21st century:

    • Problem Solving
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Communication
    • Collaboration

    Share with your colleagues: What are you doing in your Torah classes to promote these skills?
    Your replies will be posted in next month’s MaToK newsletter.

    Digital MaToK

    Imagine: The year is 2017 and your students walk into class with their tablets/iPads, but with no hard copy textbooks.
    What does their digital MaToK text look like?
    What features would like to see in the digital MaToK text?
    Send your ideas to Galya.

    Monthly Newsletter
    If you do not currently subscribe to the MaToK monthly newsletter, and would like your name added to the listserv, please send an email to Galya. (It is easy to unsubscribe, should you change your mind, simply by clicking on a link at the bottom of each newsletter.)

    Using the arts with MaToK

    Here are websites that may be helpful in your teaching. One unit, about Ya’akov and the Ish, gives specific directions for implementing a project using depictions of Ya’akov’s encounter as interpreted by artists throughout history. However, artwork can be incorporated into almost any unit, particulary if you have visual learners and/or students with “artistic intelligence”. Please share your ideas and experiences about using art to supplement teaching Torah.




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