Current SREL Fellows

Rabbi Efrem ReisRabbi Efram Reis- Year #2

Solomon Schechter of Queens, New York was selected as the 2014-15 site for the Schechter Residency in Educational Leadership (SREL).

Rabbi Reis was ordained in 2012 by the Jewish Theological Seminary and has served for two years in a small Florida community as a pulpit rabbi. He is looking forward to the transition to a day school environment and asserts: “I am very excited to be joining The Solomon Schechter School of Queens this fall. My longstanding passion is education, and I am thrilled to be teaching in such a diverse and multi-cultural Jewish institution and joining its leadership team. I look forward to highlighting how the teachings of our traditions connect children and their families to our day-to-day lives.”

Among the rabbi‘s priorities will be to heighten the sense of community, provide more parent education, family programming, and “ruach” (spirit) for the prayer curriculum.  He will create opportunities for people to make connections to Judaism and the school with the faculty, parents, staff and in the wider community.

Dr. Shira Leibowitz adds:” Rabbi Efrem Reis brings with him the intelligence, sensitivity, and positive energy to lead our school in a process of reinvigorating Jewish life and learning. We believe in the transformative potential of the position of Rabbi-in-Residence for our school and are enthusiastic about the many strengths and qualities Rabbi Reis brings to the position. We feel very blessed that he has decided to accept our offer and very grateful for the support of the Schechter Network in awarding us the SREL fellowship.” Read more about Rabbi Reis here.


Rabbi Scott Shafrin – Year #3

The Epstein School in Atlanta, Georgia was selected as the 2013-2014 site for the Schechter Residency in Educational Leadership (SREL).

Scott ShafrinRabbi Scott Shafrin will be receiving his ordination from the American Jewish University next month. Rabbi Shafrin also has a Masters degree in Education.  His experiences include being a camp program director (Interlaken JCC), Rabbinic intern at Camp Aliyah–a Conservative Synagogue in Los Angeles, as well as Rabbinic intern at Temple Beth Hillel also in Los Angeles, Leffel Fellow (AIPAC), and community teen worker in Siberia through the American Joint Distribution Committee. He plays piano and guitar and is fluent in Hebrew and Spanish. Rabbi Shafrin moved to Atlanta with his wife Jessica who is also being ordained next month at the American Jewish University. We are thrilled have him at The Epstein School. The primary goal of this position is to reinvigorate and celebrate the joy in living Jewishly.  The rabbi’s role is to provide more parent education, family programming, and “ruach” (spirit) for our prayer curriculum.   Our school rabbi’s purpose is to create opportunities for people to take part in and to make connections with our faculty, parents, staff and beyond the school into our community.