Discover Sense of Self

Discover A Sense of SelfStudents who come to know themselves on a spiritual and emotional level have an invaluable edge in today’s changing world. Schechter schools are designed to instill self-confidence and respect for others during their most formative years. The Jewish tradition is their moral compass. Our faculty helps light the way.

What ignites a child’s inner spark? Values. Integrity. Faith. And the results of fanning those flames are just as vital: Excellence. Commitment. Success. But it takes more than achievement for children to grow as people. At Schechter, our students understand that true emotional development means not only being heard, but also listening to others within a caring community. Some programs enable students to practice speaking and hearing from the heart, inspire open and compassionate communication to resolve conflicts, and build positive relationships. Other programs foster social and emotional learning and encourage personal accountability. Through experiences like these, students learn the values of honesty and trust while discovering their deeper needs, both individually and as a community. This fundamental grounding forever transforms their educational experience, enriching their relationships with teachers, classmates and their families. And as our students become part of a larger society, they take these principles with them through every stage of life.

Here, the fundamentals of Judaism do more than just nurture the joys of creativity and learning. Through pioneering programs like MaToK (Schechter’s Bible curriculum), our students learn to incorporate classic Jewish values into their everyday lives: Jewish living and prayer become meaningful. Torah passages take on modern relevance. Hebrew gains cultural significance. And questions like, ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is God?’ and ‘How do I fulfill my responsibilities to myself and my community?’ are addressed with intelligence and pride. We establish the challenge. Guide students along their individual paths. And create a community of learners that can succeed academically, emotionally and socially.

At Schechter, smart children learn to make good choices. And smart students with confidence are ready to take on the world.