Learn to Think

Learn To ThinkJudaism encourages us to engage the world through questions, to examine everything around us with an open heart and a uniquely analytical mind. It begins with a sense of wonder. At Schechter, our foremost responsibility is to develop a child’s intellect by inspiring a love of learning. When young minds discover the joy of new ideas, they begin to process information with enthusiasm. And as students become eager to learn, they learn to embrace their own education.

Schechter’s inquiry-based approach stimulates critical thinking and remains a cornerstone of true academic excellence. We establish a firm structure for creative thought where a child’s natural curiosity and imagination meet science and logic. We provide a discipline that motivates them to explore important ideas by examining multiple perspectives and layered meanings. And we create an environment for learning where students support and challenge each other. Throughout their education, this approach enables them to replace scholastic stress with intellectual passion.

Our curriculum is integrated across the disciplines and distinctively hands-on; students are active learners as they deliver oral presentations, grapple with mathematical concepts and engage with Hebrew as a living language. They immerse themselves in team sports, art, music and cultural explorations. A fourth grade class might create a 3-D scale model of The Ark of the Covenant, bringing together geometry, computers and Bible. A seventh grade research paper on The Grapes of Wrath could introduce inter-disciplinary perspectives from literature, history, and Jewish values of social justice. And a sixth grade environmental study of ‘clean energy’ could explore concepts from chemistry, civics and rabbinic literature. Through it all, students are empowered to grasp complex concepts, embrace new technologies, and establish a superior intellectual foundation for their future education.

At Schechter, our students do more than just learn. They learn to think in a whole new way.