The Schechter Difference

The Schechter DifferenceYou give your children the opportunity. We’ll give them the advantage to achieve.

At Schechter, we feel that a child’s academic excellence is a goal rather than a competition. And we believe that success today means navigating society’s complex challenges—both intellectual and moral—with dignity and strength. That’s why Schechter schools provide students with the resources and experiences they need—technology and tradition, scholarship and service, art and athletics—to forge their own paths as modern Jews in a global world. Most of all, we know that the scholastic, social and spiritual values we provide will be part of a child’s life forever.

As a result, our students think like leaders rather than followers. They learn how to live as Jews. They take their studies, their heritage and their world seriously—and know how to enjoy themselves while doing it. As alumni, they become part of a prestigious community of friends and scholars. And always, they understand the essential value of being a mensch.

Discover it all for yourself: Check us out online. Take a tour of a Schechter school near you. Talk to a parent. We think you’ll not only be surprised, but intrigued, too. You’re officially invited to become part of a distinctive educational experience for your child and you.

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